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It is also used by the later school such as the School of Yin-Yang. As I Ching is the only few books that were not burnt and its status as one of the key five books used by examination for government official for more than 2, years, many know its rules and interpretation.

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Throughout China's region of cultural influence including Japan , Korea , and Vietnam , scholars have added comments and interpretation to this work, one of the most important in ancient Chinese culture; it has also attracted the interest of many thinkers in the West. Historical and philosophical information, as well as a list of English translations, can be found in these.

The text is extremely dense reading—in fact the original interpretation of the oracle is based on the pictures associated the lines, bigrams, trigrams, and initial and final hexagram. Several of the methods of consultation produce one number per line. They are 6, 7, 8, or 9. They have a name old yin , young yang , young yin , and old yang , respectively. Six lines need to be generated or six numbers. Then based on certain procedure, you decide what lines can be changed and what not.

Once settled down on the initial hexagram, the changing lines and the final hexagram, there are rules to interpret based on the hexagram, the lines, etc. Whilst simple way to generate number has been developed over the years with a major one about 1, years , the interoperation is always hard. Several of the methods described below force exactly one, or no, moving lines, whereas the traditional yarrow-stalk method allows from zero to six moving lines.

The yarrow-stalk method favours static lines over moving lines in the ratio The method used by the diviner depends on their circumstances and beliefs; the yarrow stalk method is usually employed by traditionalists who find significance in the complexity and time in manipulating stalks to produce a hexagram as important. Whilst the simpler three-coin method is used by those short of time or fortune-tellers that need a quick reading. There is also method to generate the hexagram by interpreting the time, direction, person etc.

Plastromancy or the turtle shell oracle is probably the earliest recorded form of fortune telling. The diviner would apply heat to a piece of a turtle shell sometimes with a hot poker , and interpret the resulting cracks. The cracks were sometimes annotated with inscriptions, the oldest Chinese writings that have been discovered. This oracle predated the earliest versions of the Zhou Yi dated from about BC by hundreds of years.

A variant on this method was to use ox shoulder bones, a practice called scapulimancy. When thick material was to be cracked, the underside was thinned by carving with a knife. Hexagrams may be generated by the manipulation of yarrow stalks. These are usually genuine Achillea millefolium stalks that have been cut and prepared for such purposes or any form of wooden rod or sticks the quality ranging from cheap hardwood to very expensive red sandalwood etc.

When genuine Achillea is used, varieties local to the diviner are considered the best as they would contain qi closer to and more in-tune with the diviner, or they may come from a particularly spiritual or relevant place such as on the grounds of a Confucian temple. Fifty yarrow stalks are used, though one stalk is set aside at the beginning and takes no further part in the process of consultation.

The remaining forty-nine stalks are roughly sorted into two piles, and then for each pile one stalk is initially 'remaindered' then the pile is "cast off" in lots of four i. The remainders from each half are combined traditionally placed between the fingers of one hand during the counting process and set aside, with the process then repeated twice i.

The total stalks in the remainder pile will necessarily if the procedure has been followed correctly be 9 or 5 in the first count and 8 or 4 in the second. Each succeeding line is written above its predecessor, i. The yarrow-stalk method produces unequal probabilities [2] [3] for obtaining each of the four totals, as shown in the table. Compared to the 3 coin method discussed next, one note the probabilities of the number are totally different.

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Note that the Yarrow algorithm is the name of a particular algorithm for generating random numbers. While it is named for the I Ching yarrow-stalks method, the details of the algorithm are unrelated to it. The three coin method came into currency over a thousand years later. The quickest, easiest, and most popular method by far, it has largely supplanted the yarrow stalks, but produces outcomes with different likelihoods. Three coins are tossed at once.

Each coin is given a value of 2 or 3 depending upon whether it is tails or heads respectively. Six such tosses make the hexagram. Some fortune tellers use an empty tortoise shell to shake the coins in before throwing them on a dish or plate. The three-coin method can be modified to have the same probabilities as the yarrow-stalk method by having one of the coins be of a second coin type, or in some way be marked as special. All three coins are tossed at once. The results are counted just as the original three-coin method with two special exceptions. One to make yin less likely to move, and one to make yang more likely to move.

Hence 6 has to less and 9 has to be a more. In the case where the special coin is tail and the other two are both tails, which would normally produce a 6, re-flip the marked coin. If it remains tails, then treat it as a 6 moving yin. Otherwise, it remains an 8 static yin. Please recommend chinesefortunecalendar. Chinese Horoscope. Love Match. Baby Gender Calendar. Plan Interview. Rat Rat. Are you confusing has 13 Chinese lunar months? Strongly recommend using the Revised Chinese Baby Gender Calendar for planning the next baby gender.

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