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While choosing a career is always difficult, you luckily have natural abilities that create numerous opportunities for success. With your gifts for understanding and communication, you may do well in the world of business, advertising, public relations or human resources.

Virgo Horoscope For Tuesday, November 12,

On the other hand, your compassion may lead you to teaching, social work, politics or counseling. Similarly, your strong imagination and vision may lead you down the entrepreneurial route, much like Steve Jobs, who was also born on February 24th. In whichever career you choose, adopt the dedication to success of undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr, another of your celebrity birthday twins.

The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a parade of army officers in full dress.

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This symbol is a representation of group responsibility. In your own life, practice dedication and service to your community. Be assured that your efforts will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Here are a few Pisces celebrities born on February 24th and their past or present romantic connections:. Kingofthesalads talk , 4 September UTC. I've removed the section. It was unreferenced , is original research , is impossible to represent in a neutral manner, and is highly likely to attract imappropriate edits.

Bit of a long list. Does it mean "the virgin"?

Virgo astrology forecast 24th Feb 2014 with Michele Knight

Would be interested in the etymology of this and other star signs. The neutral child is transitioning to female in Virgo, by the END of Virgo the physical transformation is complete. Just like the virgin in the Garden of Eden the fruit is ready to be picked yet has never been touched, that is the physical purity of Virgo. This fleeting moment of physical perfection cannot last and the fruit cannot stay perfect whether it's picked or not, hence the Mutability of the Sign. Virgo is literally halfway between the excess of Taurus and the lack of Capricorn, so Virgo must always be "never too much or too little but just exactly right and perfect" neither Taurus nor Capricorn but both.

Virgo stands for ALL that is physically balanced, health, physical order, everything in its place, everything present and correct.

Virgo Health & Wellness Horoscope

Then the physical cycle begins again A chart such as the ones found in Scorpio's page would be helpful to those who want straight-forward compatibility charts. This would also be useful on the other zodiac sign pages that don't have them, for one reason or other. Also, last time I checked, there was not even a section for compatibility on Virgo's page.

Can someone fix this? In the first paragraph, reference is made to both the tropical and the sidereal dates of this zodiac sign. These dates usually vary from each other, but here, each respective system is showing the same dates as corrected by the user Gemma Gemini without citation, as is so often and blindly tolerated by Wikipedia volunteers. This is a verifiable fact and yet it is in contradiction to information in the last paragraph of the page section Sidereal zodiac, another entry without citation.

February 24 Zodiac is Pisces - Full Horoscope Personality

I am terrified of making corrections myself, as my input in the past with truthful and referenced content has been blocked by bullying Wikipedia volunteers, who were not able or willing to read and understand the finer aspects of written and evidently verifiable words. Thus could anybody please reverse the entries by Gemma Gemini made on 23 July to show the correct sidereal dates for this astrological sign?

Thank you. No, I am not a Virgo.

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On 22 October the contents of the articles for the individual signs of the western zodiac Pisces astrology etc. These edits were made by User:Dominus Vobisdu with the edit summary: Unsourced and unsourceable cruft. No justification for stand-alone article. This did not seem to follow a community discussion.

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Following concerns raised at the Reference Desk I will, after posting this, restore the articles to the form they were in immediately before their redirection. At least some of the articles seem to have been significantly reduced in size also prior to this redirection, however I have not reverted these changes.

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  • An editor with more experience than I in Wikipedia policies may wish to move this discussion to a better location. Keep in mind that your success may be a cause of envy for a few people, some of whom may want to harm you. You are left with two choices: either try to help them out of their troubles and miseries, or prepare for a battle. Your expenses may shoot through the roof if you do not pay careful attention to your finances. You will want to splurge on expensive perfumes and clothing. You will be able to attract those of the opposite sex.

    You must guard against coming off as a show-off. Be humble and polite to everyone, says Ganesha. You are the banner carrier for those around you today, giving hope and inspiring. Clad yourself in robes of the perfect family man. This should spread warmth and love, and will work wonders in improving relationships.

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    Ganesha says those of you in the field of business will find this to be a good time for them. In any work that you undertake your vision and ability will be showcased. You will have to spend more time at your workplace. Ganesha says you should try and maintain a balance between your work and your family. Signs indicate you may face unexpected expenses today.

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    But this spending is likely to be on family and friends — especially in entertaining them. But keep track of every penny. To be on the safer side, Ganesha advises you not to have any pockets at all today. Pack your bags today for a long business trip, which will bear rich fruits. Be ready to pick up important business pointers and learn your way into your trade. Ganesha predicts pleasant surprises in store later in the day.