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Includes keywords, planetary rulers, symbols, elements and modalities. Each planet in the following list symbolizes something in all our lives - a universal component of our experiences. They rule over different parts of our psyche - different desires, different needs that create who we are.

Therefore your own personal combination of zodiac signs, planet locations and houses end up depicting a portrait of you in something known as the natal chart. We get this natal chart from a mapping of the heavens during the moment of your birth into the world. For each planet, you can also get more detail about them by clicking on the links within, or get the whole list of them as well as other astrology goodies on our astrology page. Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck. Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you.

The sun in astrology symbolizes the basic personality and the self.

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The sun sign of gives us the basic understanding of how a person makes their choices, why they do what they do. Read More about the Sun. The moon represents the general depiction of ones feelings, what their instincts drive them to, and what moods are most common. Read More about the Moon. The planet mercury symbolizes reason - and therefore also shows us how a person communicates, and the general structure of their thoughts and how they learn and absorb information.

Read More about Mercury. The planet venus symbolizes our concepts of beauty, pleasure, and sociability. Read More about Venus. Mars represents the part of us that is still animalistic - our aggression, our sense of competition, and drive. Mars tells us how a person is driven to take action, and what makes them passionate. Saturn - The Value of Inconsistency In this article, as significant today as when it first appeared in , Rudhyar states that when a nation or, as today, the whole of humanity, has been shaken up by a crisis of extreme gravity, certain kinds of psychological reactions - symbolized by Uranus and Saturn - are almost inevitable.

Read it and discover the Value of Inconsistency. In this engaging article, which requires new prior knowledge of astrology, Dane Rudhyar - composer, philosopher and astrologer - uses the nativities of famous composers to present two fundamental approaches to music - Venusian Music and Neptunian Music. In this popular article Rudhyar show how love operates in two fundamental ways - one symbolized by Mars and Venus, the other by Uranus and Neptune. This engaging five-part article shows how the astrological meaning of the planets can be seen in their symbols or glyphs. No prior astrological knowledge is required for this comprehensive and insightful work.

But it can be deciphered, decoded.

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Astrology provides you with the means. This fascinating article gives Rudhyar's personal account of this 84th Solar Return and explores the dilemma of official birthday charts vs. How the astrological planets Jupiter and Saturn symbolize the human search for security and individuality. This highly accessible and compelling four part article is loaded with psychological insights. The whole universe is focused in every human being according to a time-space formula, or "seed pattern" - one's birth-chart. No prior astrological knowledge is required for this article addressing the fundamental and timely issue of astrology and prediction.


This article - which first appeared a few years before Rudhyar's The Astrology America's Destiny - neatly summarizes the main features of Rudhyar's time-proven 13 Sagittarius Rising United States birth-chart. What is astrology really for?

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Should astrological practice be officially recognized? And what about the downside of official acceptance and regulation? Learn what Rudhyar had to say about it when the issue of the "legalization" of astrology was a hot issue in the s.

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This accessible article discusses the place of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the birth-chart, along with explaining his use of the words "person" and "personality", closing with the key importance of the astrological houses and their role in person-centered astrology. No previous astrological knowledge is necessary for this highly accessible and engaging article on astrology and free-choice. This read is an easy and rewarding way to expose yourself to Rudhyar's astrological work.

The free online Khaldea astrological calendar for Year is ready for your viewing in a total a 14 Time Zones worldwide.

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See it all at our new Calendar page. If you find the Khaldea Calendar useful, please make a Freewill Donation to help make it possible. The Khaldea Calendar can be seen here. Everyone, in their own way, naturally feels and performs better when they are attuned with its rhythm.

Lunation Planning is the world's oldest time management tool. Lunation Planning is universal, it is deeply rooted in all cultures and religions. Now a Kindle eBook at Amazon. Learn about the long cycles of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and how they correspond with the sweep of human evolution. This is the first and only work to explore the current oscillating Neptune-Pluto Septile aspect which both figures largely in today's world situation and integrates all other astrological factors operative in it. The first of a long series of Neptune-Pluto Septiles occurred December , the last of the series on 7 February Yet the septile still oscillates yearly into close orb - on January Neptune-Pluto will be within a fifteen minute orb of septile!

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And, once again, during late-January , Neptune and Pluto will be within twenty-six minutes orb of forming an exact septile. Based on actual planetary cycles , not doomsday paranoia. First published: ; revised: A must read for and beyond! Read it free online. Crossing the Threshold Examined against the background of the year cycle of Neptune and Pluto that began during , the years promise to be a difficult phase leading humanity into either an age of global harmony and fullness or a global society of imposed and enforced unanimity, into another dark age of fascism. Beginning late, and continuing for more than 20 years, each year during December and January the planets Neptune and Pluto draw together forming a new series of septiles or near septiles.

When the box is checked, the horizontal axis of the diagram is labeled with Zodiac signs and houses, and visual banding follows the sequence of houses.

What is EPHEMERIS? What does EPHEMERIS mean? EPHEMERIS meaning, definition & explanation

To create a standard ephemeris for the planets in graphic form: set the desired Period and the start date, and select "Mundane Aspects" mode. Select the planets from the Actual selection box. A Harmonic setting is optional.

Similar diagrams of planetary movement are built using the available options in an analogous way. After completing the settings described below, a window is displayed with a graphic similar to this: The Graphic Ephemeris window can be resized as desired. Settings Period - select from the drop-down listbox one of the pre-defined periods: 3 days, 1 month, 1 year, 10, 30, 60, years. This representation shows aspects of conjunction clearly - they occur at the times and zodiacal longitudes where lines of planet movement intersect.

Other aspects are not so apparent, but Examples This example shows how to create a Graphic Ephemeris of annual transits for a nativity: Enter the nativity details into the Event Data window, and erect the native's chart, Open the Graphic Ephemeris dialog. For Period, select "1 year", Set the start month and year, For the Mode option, select "Transit", In the Transiting box, click to select all the planets except the Moon. A blue progress-bar shows the state of computation. When it is finished, the graphic ephemeris is automatically displayed in a new window.